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Welcome to the Captain's Corner Store. Here you will be able to purchase the educational products, subscriptions for lessons and occasional products offered to subscribers and friends. All products are guaranteed to your satisfaction.
Cover200.jpg Annual Subscription to the Captain's Corner
The Captain's Corner - - is an educational site where bagpipe lessons are presented every week through the year. There is a Reading Room and Piobaireachd Room in addition to download pages for concerts and special performances. A subscription also entitles the student to daily access to the Captain for advice and additional information. On top of this, a subscription offers all holders a 50% discount on all archived materials. Join today and take advantage of the lessons, downloads and CD's. No postage necessary - Passport will be sent with username and password
Cover200A.jpg Annual Band Subscription to the Captain's Corner
If your band has at least 5 interested players, pipers or drummers, then it makes sense to take advantage of this single band membership for an unlimited number of registered members. Each member will enjoy the lessons in the comfort of their home. Watch the band progress through attention to the weekly offerings. No postage necessary. Passport will be sent with username and password.
2013jacket200.jpg On Becoming More Musical - 2013 Lessons on CD
You play the notes, but it still doesn't sound quite like the way you want it. This CD carefully guides you through the principles of Melody, Accent, Rhythm and Tuning - all fundamental to musical playing. There are 43 written lessons, each accompanied by an audio mp3 file to study. All total, there are 189 pages of essential information to raise your playing to the next level.
2012JacketThumb.jpg BAND MUSIC - 2012 Lessons on CD
These lessons are a must-purchase for all band players. The lessons are carefully laid out in sets for all time signatures. If you want to play in a band, these tunes are standard for all. If you wish to increase your repertoire, then band music is a good place to start. You will find the music score, a written explanation and lesson on each and an audio mp3 to play along to. All total, there are 210 pages of the most common, and yet some newer, tunes for players of all levels.
2011CDThumb.jpg Famous Composers - Instrument Setup - 2011 Lessons on CD
2011 was an interesting year. We studied some of the finest composers like John MacLellan, Dunoon for the first half of the year and then devoted our attention to much needed lessons on instrument setup, efficiency, tuning and the meter... a must for all pipers.
2010Memorization200.jpg Memorization Made Easy - 2010 Lessons on CD
Memorization of tunes can be a challenge for even the advanced player. There is a system. In 25 lessons, this CD will assist players of all abilities to memorize music in a minimum time. All lessons are accompanied by an instructional audio file. New tunes are explored along the way. Jump start your way to efficient memorization, the quick and easy way!
2009Jacket.jpg Playing BIG & SMALL TUNES - 2009 Lessons on CD
The big tunes are the same as the small tunes! Advance your playing with lessons that will parallel technique and rhythmic playing. By mastering more challenging music, your playing will rise to the next level.
2008Jacket200.jpg Playing with CONTROL -2008 Lessons on CD
Control your playing! Most of the top players of today maintain absolute control over every phrase and pulse in their music. Develop that technique and mastery of your own playing through a series of carefully designed drills - all designed for the many different time signatures and tune types.
2007Jacket200.jpg Understanding Music Using PULSING Methods - 2007 Lessons on CD
THE ESSENTIAL CD - for all musicians. You will be introduced to the methods of pulsing music. Taken from the oral tradition, you will be schooled in transforming those sounds to pulses on the written score, making the visual learning of music that much easier. This CD is essential for all players who want to understand the rhythmic patterns of bagpipe music!
2006Jacket200.jpg Fundamental Technique - 2006 Lessons on CD
Everyone mist start somewhere. Technique and music go hand in hand. This multi-lesson compilation covers much of the basics necessary for early success.
2009PiobJacket.jpg Piobaireachd - 2009
Piobaireachd - the classical music. In this CD you will be introduced in a gentle way to the great music. Lessons on basic technique will be put into practice with 5 tunes - all of a very musical nature - The Boat Tune, Andrew MacNeill of Colonsay, Message from Dunvegan Castle, Hail to My Country and Duncan MacRae of Kintail's Lament
2011PiobCover.jpg Piobaireachd - 2011
Piobaireachd - the classical music. This CD contains instruction on 5 traditional tunes - written lessons, audio and video. The Lament for Mary MacLeod, The Massacre of Glencoe, Glengarry's Lament, The Field of Gold and Cabar Feidh gu Brath. Purchased with the 2009 Piobaireachd CD, you will have 10 tunes easily displayed on your iPAD, Mac or PC.